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Auto Switch(Wifi,BT,Sound)

1.62 usd

"Auto Switch" can switch to sound profile,wifi and Bluetooth,and can also switch manually by widget. Have launched a free version of the "Auto Switch Lite", before purchase the version, please try the free version.
GPS SwitcherWhen enter or leave a designated place,can switch sound profile, wifi and Bluetooth.For example, when enter the company setthe sound profileto vibrate, turn on wifi and turn off the Bluetooth.
TIME SwitcherWhen to the specified time, switch sound profile, wifi and Bluetooth at the same time.For example, 9:00 from Monday to Friday, set the sound profile to normal, turn on wifi and turn off the Bluetooth.
Manual SwitcherIn HOME, switch all kinds ofprofiles.Maximum support seven Manual Switchers.
Add, delete, alter switch(GPS,TIME,MANUAL)Switch sound profile (normal mode, vibrate mode, silent mode)Switch wifi(ON、OFF)Switch Bluetooth(ON、OFF)Monitoring headphones automatically, switch the sound profileauto matically when unplug the headphonesGPS frequency settingGPS OFF timeline settingSwitch distance settingSwitch ON, OFFSwitch record
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